Replace the new gift ideas for old ones this time

The New Year is fast approaching. You will be fretting about the gift ideas that you must be using to give gifts for your beloved employees. Like very year, you just want to distribute a bunch of gift cards and sweet boxes and get it over with. But, this time around, do something different. The employees have been so great in improving your company and its business. You must be putting in more efforts to give them something special. So here are some new and lovable gifts that you can get for your employees this time around –

A book instead of a dairy –

Trust me; no one uses the New Year dairies that they are gifted every year. They are piled up in some corner of the house and some employees will not even take it home. So, instead of a boring dairy, why not gift your employees with a book? Too many young workers are evident readers and will love to get their favourite book as a gift. For that you will have to select the top chart busters of the recent month and by two or three title in bundles. For girls it might be a romantic novel and for boys, a biography of a sports person will do. Think different and this is certainly going to be appreciated.


Tie or scarf instead of gift vouchers –

True, a gift card will give absolute freedom for the recipient to choose their kind of gifts. But, it will not be personal enough when you want to impress employees. It is almost like they are going out, choosing their own gift and bringing it home while all you did was pay for it from your pocket. Let the gift be more personal. You can always give some beautiful silk ties for the men and scarves for the women. These pieces of clothes are an absolute necessary in one’s wardrobe and also are not very personal. They have a formal essence about themselves.

A basket of fresh fruits instead of sweets –

The whole world is going low calories. Your employees are no exception. They want to consume healthy food and be healthy. Do not ruin their motto by gifting them a high calorie, ghee lad sweets. A huge basket of fresh and exotic fruits will be a better gifting idea than a box of chocolates or sweets any day. So, bring those fresh fruits and make your employees healthy this festive season.

Perfumed candles or handmade bath products instead of flowers –

Flowers are a sweet gift no doubt, but they tend to wither in a day. The gift that you give should be useful for quite some time. If you spend so much on exotic flowers but they wilt by the end of the day, your employees will not at all feel pampered by you. So, you can give some homemade toiletries or candles that can be used every day by your employee.

Finding gifts for corporate employees is a tough task. Make sure that you choose appropriate gifts that will not offend anyone. Also, the bottom line is that, you must focus on the employees while picking gifts and not on yourself.


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