Farewell gift ideas for your boss

The person whom you used to respect and fear is now retiring forever from the office. Depending on our relationship with our boss we will surely feel sad or feel empty thinking about who will guide us when they are going to leave and whether the new boss will be as good as this person.

Even when some of us are not in very good terms with our boss, we cannot deny that thinking that they are going to leave is surely going to be a big void in the office.Moreover, when it comes to gifting him something on his farewell party we are at a loss for what to buy and will suit the occasion and what our boss will like.

You don’t have to worry anymore as we have come up with this unique list where every possible gift items that you can give your boss is listed. Now, you do not need to worry anymore and give your boss the best gift that you think will suit the event.

Gift ideas               

  • You can give your boss a usb flash drive corporate gifts that will be a necessary item always and also will remind him of the office whenever he will be using it.
  • Give him a nice, big table clock that he will be able to use at his own personal desk.
  • Give him his personal coffee maker that will remind him of his office days when he used to pull up extra hours for doing overtime and some coffee would help him stay awake all night and day. At home when he will be making some coffee with this machine it will remind him/her of you and he/she will thank you surely for this thoughtful gift.


  • Another thoughtful gift will be collecting some of his pictures with the help of the other employees and his family and friends and then all of you employees can give him a nice collage and surprise him with it.
  • For his farewell party, you can also gift him an innovative cake instead of the same, old boring cakes and try buying a cake with his picture on it and you will see him/her smiling a lot.
  • After retirement, your boss will get enough spare time in their hand and at that time it is best that they write something about their own life or just maintain a daily journal. Give your boss a set of notebook and pens and let him/her pen down their thoughts.
  • For the boss who loves wine, give them a nice gift basket of wine that will consists of wine rack holder, wine thermometer, and sets of assorted chocolates, wine glasses and finger food plates for keeping finger foods while drinking wine.

You can stay ensured that these gifts will be really loved by your boss and it will surely make him/her notice and praise you. Even if they check it late they will surely send you a thank you note or a message and nothing can beat the feeling of getting praise from your boss.



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