7 ideas for cheap promotional gifts items

If you are searching for an easier way to boost the morale of your employees, then you can do the same by gifting them with promotional gift items. Such gift items are cheaper when compared to the monetary incentives and bonus you have to give your employees.

Have a look at some of the cheap corporate gifts that you can give to your employees. These products can be made cheaper if you are ordering it in bulk. Make sure to get your company’s branding done on the products so that it will create more brand awareness: –


  1. Office supplies: Everybody needs office stationery for their day to day activities. There are some corporate gift manufacturers who produce gift sets which contain office supplies. Such sets include pen, pen stand, notepads, sticky notes, staplers, mini diaries, desk clocks, folder, and files, etc. Based on your budget, you can add or delete items from the gift sets.
  2. T-shirt: A common corporate gift item is a company branded T-shirt. You need to give special focus on the quality of the t-shirt as it will be carrying your company’s logo. Place an order for a gender neutral color and design. You should also order the T-shirt in different sizes. It is better to include a number of medium and large size t-shirt since most of the people would fall into that size.
  3. Seasonal gift item: Based on the season, you can gift your employees with branded umbrella, windbreakers or jackets. You can also use sunglasses or caps as promotional gift items; these products would be useful especially when the weather demands it.
  4. Power Bank: Another good promotional gift item is power bank corporate gift. The manufacturers can customize the power bank with your company’s logo and tagline. This gadget can charge your phone without a socket and quite useful especially when you are traveling.
  5. Sippers & Coffee mugs: Another cheap corporate gift items are sippers and coffee mugs. These are things people use on a daily basis. A good quality sipper and coffee mugs can be used for a long duration which means your company’s brand image will be portrayed for that much longer.
  6. Card holder: Networking is very important in the corporate world. People usually exchange their business cards while networking. A useful promotional item is a business card holder where you can neatly arrange and store the business cards of the people you have met. Cardholder makes it easy to search through business cards when needed.
  7. Diaries and organizers: This is a very handy corporate gift which is suitable for all types of people. You can customize the design of the diary or organizer with your company’s logo or image. There are diaries available with different quality; you can choose one based on your budget. This makes a perfect New Year gift for your employees.

There is a reason why corporate gifts are so popular; it is because corporate gifts are free. People love anything that comes free especially since in today’s world where everything comes with a price.



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