Importance of pocket-sized promotional gift items

You would have hardly come across a company who does not believe in branding of their business. Branding is really important to ensure that people recognize your brand. Businesses that do not use effective way of marketing their products or services usually end up in losing great amount of business, resulting in even closure of their companies.

Over the years, companies have been using various methods of advertising. Distributing brochures, pamphlets and business cards have been the traditional methods randomly at malls and markets are still followed by many companies. But these items does even last a minute with the recipients, which is a waste of time, effort and money.

For people to remember to your brand, you always need a product that has some value to the receiver. Aimlessly distributing gift items does not leave any impact on the receivers. Therefore you always need products that have some kind of functional value and the receiver can carry easily. This way it can be seen by other people as well and increase your brand awareness. So, you want to give things that are easily affordable and people can carry wherever they want to, also called pocket-sized. Below are some items that can be used as pocket-sized promotional gift items are:-

Pens – Everyone use pen at least once a day. For signing purchase slips or filling out forms, pen is the most commonly used medium to write. The reason companies choose pens as promotional gift item is because they are compact and can easily fit in a pocket or a purse. Also, you don’t need an occasion to distribute these gift items. You can easily distribute them at any promotional event or business meeting. You can even be creative with pens like use bold colours or colours that match your logo, sparkling pens, ink pens etc.


Power Banks promotional gifts power bank is the new items in the list. Power banks are a new tool for marketing. You cannot imagine your life today without a mobile phone. Everyone likes to be hooked to internet all the time and for your phone to keep living needs battery. Power banks are an excellent source of charging the batter without power source and hence have great importance in everyone’s life. They are not only useful but carry a great value in terms of functionality.

USB drives – USB drives are another great pocket-sized promotional item that is highly demanded. In fact USB drives can be spotted anywhere and everywhere. Pen drives are small in size and carry great amount of data. Students like to take their assignments in pen drives; travellers like to store music and movies so that they are not bored during their journey, office goers would want to store their documents or presentations. So this is one item that can be used by anyone who uses computers.

You can choose your promotional item depending on your budget. But don’t compromise on the quality. Look out for corporate gifting companies in Delhi for good quality promotional items.


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