The most thoughtful gift ideas for your boss’s birthday


He/she is the person you all look up to and adore in various ways. You fear them and respect them at the same time. If you share a nice relationship with your boss, then you will feel more attached to him/her. When it comes to your boss’s birthday and whether it is celebrated in the office or at their place or you are invited to their party, then you need to gift something appropriate and thoughtful that will suit the occasion. Even if it is not celebrated or you are not invited, then as an employee you should show some courtesy and gift something and show your boss how much you really care about building personal relations with him/her. This will improve your relations with your boss as well.

  • You can give usb flash drive corporate as it is a very important gadget that can be used by one and all and is beneficial for everyone. This gift will surely be loved by your boss. After all a working man or woman, are always in need of more USB drive or other storage items and getting one is always good for them.
  • Sometimes gifting something to your boss can be a fey tricky situation, but for times like this, we have got you covered especially when you are running late for the party and don’t know what to buy. During these times a simple, but a nice bouquet will do wonder. Flowers are the most simple yet the most elegant gift that can melt the heart of the receiver. You can even add a box of assorted chocolates. After all no one can say no to chocolates, and these gifts will ensure that you have won the heart of your boss while you don’t have to really worry or do anything in order to arrange these gifts.
  • Promotional pen drives can be a very useful gift for your busy boss who is also a workaholic and is always stuck to his/her laptop. This kind of people will appreciate this gift idea that will actually help them in their work. So, go ahead and buy one if you think your boss will really love it.
  • A Proper business card holder will be loved by anyone. It can make the right impression even. So, gift a proper business card holder to your boss. He/she will surely love this idea. It will be a very different gift but one that will be worth it.
  • Do your boss wear eyeglasses or have a tendency of wearing goggles whenever they step out in the sun, then don’t worry and don’t wait just give him/her an eyeglass holder that will help them keep their glasses in a proper place and there will not be any need to panic about the glasses getting underneath couch or the mattress.
  • For the travel lover, you can gift them many items like a good quality travel backpack, or other travel gears like a bike rack, snow glasses, luggage locator, plug adaptor and neck pillow/sleep mask.

These are the best items that you can gift to your boss and make him/her happy like the good employee you are.



Deciding on promotional gifts is a daunting task, but it is necessary and critical for the success of your business. You may use promotional products for external or internal branding but it is very valuable for creating a positive effect on your business.

Whatever be the promotional products you send out this year, remember that they must be both attractive and functional. The aim is to get employees, consumers and clients aware of your brand and how thoughtful your company is.

You certainly don’t want stakeholders of your business believe that you cannot think beyond the ubiquitous imprinted pen and can consider something better like a promotional pen drive.

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Here   are a few tips for choosing the best promotional products for your company:


  • Understand the recipient:


When you determine who your target for promotional gifts is, half the job is done. You will thus avoid irrelevant ideas for promotional gifts. Do some research on employees and clients, their likes and dislikes, hobbies and obsessions. Particularly consider whether you will like to receive the gift you have in mind. If you think it is tacky and cheap, it is highly likely that your recipients will do too.


  • Set the budget:


Determine a budget for the promotional gifting exercise so that you can avoid any unpleasant surprises. You can include cost of gifts to tax deducting exercises.


  • Customize:


This is crucial. Handing away promotional products which are not branded is a useless exercise. Also, if the company takes effort to personalize items, it shows they care about likes and dislikes of the recipients.


  • Keep up with deadlines:


You must plan the exercise much in advance, keeping in mind delivery and packing time. For example, it would be totally bizarre if you gift Christmas coffee mugs after New Year.


  • Imprinted with company image:


If you give away imprinted promotional gifts which have a cheap look and are of bad quality, you will generate a wrong impression about the image of the company. You must take pride in imprinting your company name on your promotional product.


  • Use creativity:


One can stand out in the competition, by being creative while choosing promotional gifts. At the same time, these gifts must be practical and functional for daily use.


When you desire to select the best promotional gift, consider what you want the gift to accomplish. The gifts must:

  • Be useful: will be used regularly by client
  • Be portable: The client will carry them around, spreading the message.
  • Be attractive: It will inspire clients to think well of you.
  • Remind client of you regularly: This happens if the gift items will be placed at vantage point like your desk where it will be viewed daily.
  • Be likely to switch owners: this way it will reach a much broader audience.

Some common promotional gifts include:

  • Branded pens
  • T-shirts, Sweat shirts, Hoodies
  • Hats
  • Pads of sticky notes
  • Branded USB memory stick.
  • Branded key chains
  • Umbrellas
  • Tote bags
  • Branded diaries and calendars

If these ideas don’t suit you, you can go in for other corporate gifts with logo. You can consult professionals and experts to choose promotional products for your company.

The gifts for modern users

The relationship makes the people enjoy the company of the other person. Hence, as a member of the society, people keep different relations with a different class of people. There are many corporate who also understand this basic principle of the society and try to be socialized with people who work for them. That is the reason behind the gifting of the corporate. People work for different corporate in different capacities. There are employees of the corporate, contractors, agents, distributors and even third parties who help it to develop the business and grow to the next level.

The gifts:

As a symbol of their valued relationship the corporate offer different items to different people on numerous occasions. These occasions include the festivals of general nature, regional festivals, special days and national festivals. There are also some personal events of the corporate when it distributes the gifts among people including the customers. However, in the majority of the cases, the corporate does not miss an opportunity to encash the gifts as a medium of promotion also, and hence the customized pen drives and power banks are the most popular gift items these days. There are ample items the corporate offers as gifts to people, which include the items of different categories. There are household items, items of personal use, general items and electrical appliances distributed by the corporate to the people. In some cases, costly items such as laptops, smartphones, and gold coins are also provided to the people as gifts. Many businesses also love to offer idols of different gods made from silver or gold to different parties. There are some small items such as pens, diaries, keychains, and T-shirts as well as caps, which the corporate offer on minor events also.

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The events and occasions:

There are many events and occasions when the corporate loves to distribute the gifts among the people of different categories. Usually, it targets the festivals such as Diwali, New Year Day, Id, Christmas, Pongal, Onam, Lohri, and Holi. There are also some events that belong to the corporate such as anniversary, launching of new business, achieving a milestone, winning some awards and sponsoring some important events. Many times the corporate offers gifts to the buyers when they purchase a particular product also. There are also some contests run by the corporate and the winners of the same are also provided with gifts. In the present days, the power banks for employees are much preferred by the corporate. Among the power banks also there are numerous varieties and models. One can go for a single port, dual port or multi-port power bank with different capacities. There are numerous branded as well as non-branded power banks preferred by the corporate. The power banks are also much used for promotion of the products and brand of the corporate. They are available in different price ranges which can help the corporate to offer the gifts in a limited budget also, however, a corporate is usually not much bothered about the budget for gifts.

Add value to your corporate gifts by using these tips

Corporate gifts are becoming customary for every organization. During festival days, every company sends gifts to their clients or employees to thank them for their loyalty and to tell them that they are precious for their business. The basic motive behind sending a corporate gift to anyone is to promote business. Corporate gifts usually have the company name printed on the gift so that it keep reminding the other person about their business relationship and seek more business. Gifting is important today because it helps in building strong ties with the clients, employees and potential customers.

Every gift that is sent should speak loudly of your appreciation of their business and not just gratitude. This will further ensure that your gift is sending a correct message across the table. There are various types of gifts that can be used for corporate gifting like pens, diaries, calendars, promotional pen drives, power banks etc. The gifts are chosen to keep in mind that the recipient uses them on daily basis and remind them about your business relationship. Below are some tips that can help you making your corporate gifts looking more effective:-

  • Follow the trend – Usually every year company uses stationary items to send as corporate gifts. Though these items are good choice but they don’t make you stand out in front of your competitors. So, in order to increase your visibility in front of the client, find out what kind of things are trending these days. You can gift tablets or e-readers that are little expensive but definitely leaves a good impact on the clients. You can choose to gift items depending on the importance of other person. For instance, if some client is client is not that important for you, but you don’t want to break ties with them, you can gift them pen drives or power banks. But if you are expecting someone to be your potential client, then making a small investment can fetch you good business.
  • Presentation of gift – Mostly we don’t pay much attention as to how a gift should be presented to the recipient. Gift presentation is a reflection of your image in front of your clients and you definitely don’t want to falter that. Whatever gift you choose to present to your client, it should be wrapped nicely and if possible, send some handwritten messages and personally delivered. This will leave a great impression of you and your company.
  • Special gifts for special people – Though giving personalized gifts may not be always relevant but they can make a good long lasting impression. So, don’t just give the gift for the sake of giving. If you want to strengthen your relationship with the other person, then take some time out and choose a personalized gift that the recipient would appreciate.

Hopefully these tips would help in adding value to your gifts. In today’s time you should not leave any opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your customers and corporate gifts are an excellent option. Thankfully there are corporate gifts Gurgaon services that give you wide variety of options to choose from.

The Corporate Gift: Let the relationship be stronger than before

There are many corporate people who love to behave in a social way where they can take care of the human relations with different parties. To strengthen the bond of the relations, many corporate also prefer to go an extra mile and gift different items to all those who are concerned with different aspects of the corporate. The items are decided by the concerned authority of the corporate who prefer to go for some quality items which are unique and also highly useful to the users. Hence, they keep a huge list of products that can be chosen as a gift as and when it is required.

The gifts:

Gift items are a symbol that can help the business to strengthen the relationship with different parties. There are different types of gifts distributed by the business house among different parties. It depends on the event, product and type of the business. Hence, the gifts such as promotional pen drives are much popular these days.  There are also other gifts such as key chains, show pieces, power banks, mobile phones, tablets, handsfree, wallets, goggles, apparels, electrical appliances, diaries, pens, trolley bags, dinner sets, idols of gods and silver as well as gold coin that the corporate houses love to distribute among the parties. The parties whom the corporate houses offer the gifts are clients, employees, contractors, agents, associate partners, distributors, third party associates and many others who play some or the other role to support the company.


There are many gift houses that prefer to offer some small gifts such as pens, key chains, and silver coins to its customers at events such as winning a contest or launching a new product. Many corporate also distributes the gifts to make the events such as an opening of a new branch, the launch of a new model, the launch of new services, the anniversary of a branch or business, etc.  Some of the business houses also love to distribute the gifts on New Year, Diwali, Christmas, and other festivals to make their associates enjoy the festival. The promotional diaries manufacturer in India can also be of great support in case the corporate house wants to have customised diaries.

The suppliers of the corporate gifts:

They are the backbone of the corporate houses as they serve different corporate with their knowledge of the field and other skills. They prepare the whole catalogue where thousands of items are displayed that can help the corporate to decide a unique one. They also offer some quality services about the delivery of the products to different locations and also offer quality items that can make the corporate pride while distributing. There are lots of suppliers who can offer beneficial deals and bulk gift items to the corporate. They also offer services such as gift wrap and speedy customisation where the corporate can have its logo as well as the slogan on the gift item. One can contact just a supplier and half of his troubles to choose a proper product will be resolved immediately.